Journey of discovery

Perhaps, in the end, the most essential meaning of all travel is to see the near with new or different eyes.

Timm Ulrichs in an interview about the significance of travel, fantasy and the last journey.

Bon Voyage!

Kunstrauschen 06: Last journey

When is a trip really over? Anton and Beyza know the feeling of wanderlust, of being homesick, and also the joy of coming home when you return from vacation. During their forays through the exhibition 'Bon Voyage!' the two have talked about many kinds of travel. We are curious to see which end they will choose for their expedition at the Ludwig Forum!

Journey of discovery

I am looking at Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley is looking at Me / decoding photography no. 3

In the third part of the series, Mareike Foecking talks with Satjiv Chahil, who is a Silicon Valley pioneer and thought leader specialized in the digital transformation of global businesses, enabling startups to scale, and aligning business goals with social purpose.

Bon Voyage!

Kunstrauschen 05: Kids in the museum - Want to know more!

Doing something that no one else has ever done before - there are artists who try out unusual ways to learn more about a particular thing. In doing so, they embark on crazy and adventurous research journeys. With their artworks, they tell about their journeys and let the museum visitors participate a little bit. Hopefully, Anton and Beyza won't get any crazy ideas now.



Once a year, you should go to a place you’ve never been.

Dalai Lama