Mental journey

Alicja Kwade – Reise ohne Ankunft (Raleigh)

Alicja Kwade, Reise ohne Ankunft (Raleigh), 2012 / 2013, bent bike, 96 x 60 x 60 cm, NUNZIA & VITTORIO GADDI COLLECTION, Courtesy of the artist, © Alicja Kwade, photo: Roman März

Alicja Kwade wants to make time tangible in a physical space. Her works take the viewers on a tour that questions their perception. The artist plays with the doubling of interpretation and world view and creates a bizarre parallel world that always includes something humorous.

The individual parts of the bike in the sculpture Reise ohne Ankunft (Raleigh) are bent to form a perfect circle. Outside reality, the bike now circulates itself. On the streets, bent wheels are an almost everyday sight – they are kicked, hit or otherwise damaged. Kwade’s bike could also fall into this category, but the precision of the deformation raises questions of what is technically possible and cleverly tests our visual habits. Reise ohne Ankunft (Raleigh) is a bike tour that revolves around itself. The bike as a means of transport is reduced to absurdity. The apparent ease of the work encourages us to think about impossible journeys.