Journey of discovery

Michail Pirgelis – Silly Season

Michail Pirgelis, Silly Season, 2019, aluminum, titanium, lacquer, plexiglass, rubber, 293 x 395 x 117 cm, Courtesy of the artist & Sprüth Magers, © Michail Pirgelis, photo: Ben Hermanni

Michail Pirgelis sources his materials from discarded aircraft, which are stored on a gigantic site in the American desert. He removes recognizable parts or just fragments, sands and polishes or partially reassembles them. 

Although they have been taken out of their original context, these sculptures still work as a means of transport – at least for our thoughts. Because the sight of an aircraft-fuselage can still evoke wanderlust, it is reminiscent of the old dream of flying, or it can heighten the fascination with the giants of the sky. At a time when our flying habits are generally questioned, and the entire aviation industry is in turmoil, there is something almost nostalgic about the works.