Mental journey

Talisa Lallai – Hyacinth Macaw

Talisa Lallai, Hyacinth Macaw, 2020, inkjet print, 72 x 54 cm, Courtesy of the artist, © Talisa Lallai

What do we associate with the idea of the tropical? Which images and motifs of it are anchored in our collective memory? Talisa Lallai’s installation tries to get closer to the ideas in our minds. Colorful plumage and dense, tropical foliage enable here the mental access. 

The view of the tropical greenery, captured on strips of wallpaper, suggests proximity that begins right outside walls of the museum. Historical artifacts and postcards are arranged into tangible pieces of evidence of a questionable reality, based on unquestioned stereotypes. Lallai caters to the perpetual longing for paradisiacal places and sanctuaries, which, however, cannot be reached by travel.


Post Tropical #3

Tropic Special

Banana plantation on the banks of the Panama Canal, battleship passing through in background