Journey of discovery

Cécile Hummel – In der Mitte Mee(h)r

Cécile Hummel, In der Mitte Mee(h)r, 2019, print on canvas, based on digitized negatives, 106 x 408 cm, loan of the artist, © Cécile Hummel

In der Mitte Mee(h)r. More Africa, more Europe, and the sea. Between long panels of canvas, the viewers stand between cultures, as if they were standing in the sea between them. The multimedia artist Cécile Hummel transmits her perception of the countries and cities she regularly travels to, reads their signs and structures. Her installation invites us on a journey to explore and question our own perception. What is familiar? Or does something only seem familiar because we can associate it with something else? 

It is up to us to recognize the complex pictorial narratives, to interpret and evaluate to what extent the narratives of cultures and countries are similar or different. In doing so, Hummel sensitively questions the impact and effects of the personal and cultural background on the perception of the circumstances she offers in her work cycle In der Mitte Mee(h)r.