Journey of discovery

Less the recognition, but rather the amazement increases the more one travels. 


Interview with Cécile Hummel

Has it ever happened that you couldn’t assign yourself whether you really know something or whether you just associate it with something?

Growing up as a child in a large hotel, travel was only possible in stories and in the large illustrated books, sometimes with color illustrations. Of course I had an idea of an emerald green or turquoise sea – but when I really saw it, I could hardly believe that such an appearance was real. Less the recognition, but rather the amazement increases the more one travels. 

What is your cultural background?

Since I have been able to speak, read and write, I have been shaped by a Western European, Christian cultural heritage. The culture and art that surrounded me was based on Christian traditions and values. When I began to travel, I realized how much I look and interpret from a European perspective. I recognized it because suddenly there were others. In certain countries there are different values and images and the languages have little to do with ours. 

Who travels more – you or your art?

I’m travelling more than my art; but it has happened that I have followed it or in some cases my paintings have travelled further.


1962 in Thurgau, Switzerland

Studied 1981–82 at the University of Zurich, 1982–85 at the School of Design in Zurich, 1985–86 academic year in San Francisco, California

Lives in Basel, Switzerland

Since her studio stay 201–-2013 in Cairo and on various journeys in the Mediterranean region – Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Sicily, Lebanon – an extensive photo archive has been created, which is published in editions.