Political journey

Jerry Frantz – République Libre de Clairefontaine

Jerry Frantz, République Libre de Clairefontaine, 2009, desk, chairs, closets, pictures, flags, variable dimensions, IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art, © Jerry Frantz, photo: IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art

In 2008, Jerry Frantz proclaims the mobile embassy of the République Libre de Clairefontaine, which is in exile constantly at the IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art in Eupen. Equipped with a flag, a coat of arms, and a national anthem, the republic stands for its main objective of absolute freedom of thought and expression. The foundation of the state was pro posed to the artist in a dream by Countess Ermesinde II. of Luxembourg (1186-1247). Anyone who is interested can become a citizen by purchasing a passport and can even carry out a legal coup d’état – upon prior orderly application. 

Frantz’s state is not surrounded by borders and does not restrict its citizens. With his message, the artist points to current and controversial global political issues, which are cynically exaggerated by way of the Free Republic of Clairefontaine.


Insider tip

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