Mental journey

Roman Ondak – Antinomads

Roman Ondak, Antinomads, 2000, 12 postcards, postcard stand, each postcard 10,5 x 14,8 cm, Courtesy of the artist, © Roman Ondak

For his project Casting Antinomads, Roman Ondak asks family and friends about their attitude towards travel and divides them into nomads and antinomads. He portrays twelve people who regard themselves as antinomads at their favorite places, in their personal surroundings. We see bedrooms, balconies, or workstations, places of everyday life, which the nomads would crave to leave for travel.

The work Antinomads from the same year is closely linked. Postcards of the twelve portraits are offered to the visitors for free in a postcard stand. Thus, the antinomads become travelers after all, leave their domestic retreat and are sent all over the world – in the form of touristic postcards.