Journey of discovery

Timm Ulrichs – Wegweiser Hier 40 000 km

Timm Ulrichs, Wegweiser Hier 40000km, 1969 / 2020, silk screen on aluminum, each 40 x 150 cm, Courtesy of the artist, © VG Bild- Kunst, Bonn 2020, photo: Carl Brunn

Hier 40 000 km. With these words, Timm Ulrichs points at the circumference of the earth, and thus marks the start as well as the end of a journey around the globe. What lies in-between these points remains uncertain. 

Ulrichs is, among other things, a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, photographer, poet, and author, in short, as self-proclaimed “total artist” since the 1950s. The fact that he cannot be tied to a style or genre is not due to artistic randomness, but rather to his approach. Not the work itself is the focus of Ulrich’s interest, but the idea behind it. And it can appear in various facets.