Bon Voyage!

We travelled and travel for art to find something interesting, especially outside of the established art venues.


An interview with Sibille and Dietmar Spiegel, the lenders of the booklet on Stanley Brouwn - THIS WAY BROUWN.

When and how did the booklet on the Fluxus Festival der Neuen Kunst, which includes the contribution to THIS WAY BROUWN by Stanley Brouwn, come into your hands?

Our contribution to the exhibition Bon Voyage! is the page THIS WAY BROUWN from the booklet for the FluxusHappening FESTIVAL DER NEUEN KUNST on July 20, 1964 at the AudiMax of the TH Aachen.

As architecture students at the RWTH Aachen, my husband and I were directly involved in the now legendary Fluxus event in 1964, not only as spectators but also as actors on stage. You can see my husband, for example, on the cover of the catalog Wollt ihr das totale Leben – Fluxus und Agit-Pop der 60er Jahre in Aachen, – an exhibition curated by Adam Oellers and me at the NAK in 1995, – when he and other fellow students dropped into yellow paint on Wolf Vostell’s command. You can see me in action in the picture on page 75 in the performance by Emmett Williams.

So I guess it is obvious that we still have a booklet of that event, which includes the contribution of Stanley Brouwn.

What is the significance of the work for you?

The event of 1964 has accompanied us indirectly again and again, e.g. also through the contact with Joseph Beuys, with whom we founded the party DIE GRÜNEN at the NRW and federal level and then invited him to Aachen in 1980 for a lecture.

Especially the page THIS WAY BROUWN from the magazine, however, gets a special attention and meaning for us through the exhibition and reminds us again of the nevertheless very innovative and art

Stanley Brouwn, THIS WAY BROUWN, 1964, Xerography, 30 x 21 cm, Dietmar and Sibille Spiegel, Aachen, photo: Carl Brunn

Do you travel for art or to art?

We are happy to live in a city that borders three cultural regions; of course, we travelled and travel for art to find something interesting, especially outside of the established art venues. 

Are there other works in your collection that are travel-related?

We have many special things that remind us of our travels, but there are no works with the theme of travel. At the moment “the site” has traveled to the Ludwig Forum and we can only see it digitally.