Journey of discovery

Wolfgang von Contzen – Rheinansichten

Wolfgang von Contzen, Rheinansichten, 2002–2003, photography, multi-part series, each 21 x 29,7 cm, loan oft he artist, © Wolfgang von Contzen

The intensive study of the Hundred Views of Mount Fuji by Hokusai inspired Wolfgang von Contzen to realize a similar project. Following the Japanese tradition of this art form, von Contzen also chooses one central motif for his photo series, the river Rhine. He abandons the idealized ideas of romanticism and uses the river not as a subject that determines the image, but rather as part of a culturally shaped landscape. 

The port of Duisburg, the floodplains along the Rhine, or a mountain range: Von Contzen finds for each chosen thematic and local focus, the appropriate pictorial solution in which no hierarchies can be detected. The Rhine usually remains in the background of this subjective documentary photography. The project is intended to run over several years, and it comprises around 120 photographs so far, the earliest of which date from the 1990s.