Political journey

Dani Ploeger – OUR VALUES

Dani Ploeger, OUR VALUES, 2019, razor wire, loud - speaker, steel, video, digital print on foil, private collection, © Dani Ploeger, photo: Dani Ploeger

It has a height of up to four meters, is tightly meshed, and lined with coiled NATO razor wire. It is this wire, equipped with razor-sharp blades, that makes every border impossible to cross for refugees. With this wire, manufacturers make million-dollar profits. The fence at the Hungarian-Serbian border measures 175 kilometers. The contract for the approximately 10,000 rolls of wire was awarded to the Spanish company ESF, which advertises the top seller on their website as if it were with an everyday consumer good. 

And this wire is also the focus of the installation OUR VALUES by Dani Ploeger. In August 2019, the artist positioned a loudspeaker directly by the Hungarian border. A monotonous voice was heard, announcing the company’s corporate values, which can be found on the website: client satisfaction, highest quality, and loyalty to the people.