Political journey

Vera Sous – Europa

Vera Sous, Europa, 2020, pocket for jeans, jeans threads from trousers worn on the escape, 38 x 34 cm, loan of the artist, © Vera Sous, photo: Peter Hinschläger

Vera Sous creates travel images of great personal and emotional value because she uses threads of garments worn by refugees on their escape for her hand-embroidered pictures, books, and objects. Sous knows the refugees personally, knows about their experiences and their fears. It is the reason why the works show by no means typical holiday motives, but rather haunting moments of war, misery, and suffering. Because of the direct contact, the personal fates and experiences are transformed into embroideries that appear precious but radiate an oppressive atmosphere at the same time and speak for themselves.

A very impressive, as well as expansive sign of despair is also the most recent work Europa: The threads of a pair of jeans seamlessly merge into a large roll of barbed wire. The cautionary installation combines dissolution with obliteration.