Bon Voyage!

Installation – Part I


How do more than 100 works get to their place?

On Friday the majority of the works arrived at the museum. After the truck had opened its tailboard, the first thing we looked at was an airplane fuselage: Silly Season by the artist Michail Pirgelis. How gigantic! With united efforts the fuselage was unloaded and pushed into the museum. The other artworks were distributed directly into the rooms where they are exhibited, or stored temporarily.

Artists at the museum

We also gave a warm welcome to the artists who install their artworks themselves. Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer were in house from Monday to Wednesday and set up their slide installation commuters, which portrays commuters at a train station in Moscow. Dagmar Keller also used the time to set up her installation dear to me, a photographic slideshow. 

Also on site was comic artist Christoph Mueller, who drew YOUR WAY, a homage to Stanley Brouwn. This, however, was not done on paper, which is the usual medium of the artist, but with acrylic paint directly upon the museum wall. “I feel as if I had shrunk and was lying on my paper,” said Christoph Mueller.

On Wednesday Dani Ploeger came by. The Vlissingen-based (NL) artist, was on his way to Frankfurt to travel from there to Kenya. During his stopover at the museum he installed OUR VALUES.

Michail Pirgelis installed other discarded aircraft parts around the “Mulde” on Friday, Christoph Westermeier was also on site. After a short facetime call with Anne Pöhlmann, his work could also be hung. In the process, Christoph Westermeier revealed the origin of the term “Retourkutsche” (retort) in his new work Die Reise der Quadriga. 

In addition to the artists who were on site themselves, we have a terrific installation team that spares no effort to put the 1276 drawings of Simon Faithfull’s Expanding Atlas of Subjectivity on the wall, lays out around 300 blue garments for Kader Attia’s installation La Mer Morte or hangs Roman Ondak’s Casting Antinomads.

We are looking forward to next week!

Bon Voyage!
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