Bon Voyage!

Travelling means taking new paths.


Or: Why does this blog exist?

Looking back on the last few months, we realize one thing in particular: Nothing is the same as usual, but often it is only through this that the opportunity to break new ground arises.

Let’s consider the exhibition as the destination of the journey. Both require a certain level of preparation: Where will the journey take us? What will I see? How do I get there? And, very currently, do I have a plan B if my journey is physically impossible?

This is where the idea of the travel blog came up: Accompanying the exhibition, it offers several times a week insights into the preparation, information about the exhibited artworks, personal experiences of the artists, insider tips in the form of our event and mediation program, and much more.

Unfortunately, travelling to the exhibition in person is not possible in November, so let’s embark on the digital journey together for now. Bon Voyage!