Bon Voyage!

Installation – Part II


Full house this week

Klara Hobza arrived already on Sunday evening in order to start with the setup on Monday morning. Her installation with sculpture, videos, praxinoscopes, drawings and petitions documents her project Diving through Europe, which will last several decades. Talisa Lallai was also on site. She takes us mentally to exotic places with her photographs and objects, subtly questioning what it takes to dream ourselves into distance. 

Wolfgang von Contzen brought his Rheinansichten, sequenced them and trustfully handed them over to our restorers. After the second art transport arrived on Monday, (almost) all of the works are now in house. On Tuesday the works of Via Lewandowsky, Jon Rafman, Stephan Huber and Philipp Goldbach could be hung. With the works by Ivan S. Čujkov and Michael Snow from the Ludwig Collection, the first itinerary, the mental journey, was finalized. A little milestone! 

On site on Tuesday was Hiroyuki Masuyama, who started building his impressive Weltreise, a photographic documentation of a flight around the world. Mareike Foecking also started with the installation of I am looking at Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley is looking at me.

On Thursday we were joined by Stefan Sous, who uses an oversized map, Plan A, to locate the visitor’s position in the Ludwig Forum. Another guest was Claudia Lintzel who interviewed us after a short tour through the exhibition for her podcast Die Leichtigkeit der Kunst. As soon as the episode with Mareike Foecking, Hiroyuki Masuyama, Stefan Sous, Christoph Mueller and us is online, you will be informed here.

Behind the scenes

Of course the setup of the exhibition is the most exciting thing these weeks, but there is also progress “behind the scenes”. This week the blog launched, our guide through the exhibition is printed and our posters have arrived. Another milestone, keep your eyes open!

Bon Voyage!
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