Bon Voyage!

Kunstrauschen 05: Kids in the museum - Want to know more!

Doing something that no one else has ever done before - there are artists who try out unusual ways to learn more about a particular thing. In doing so, they embark on crazy and adventurous research journeys. With their artworks, they tell about their journeys and let the museum visitors participate a little bit. Hopefully, Anton and Beyza won't get any crazy ideas now.

Bon Voyage!

Peter and Irene Ludwig on travels

For the collector couple Peter and Irene Ludwig, travel was an important part of their activity. The Ludwig Collection consists of several thousand objects and gathers together art from many continents and epochs. The idea of “world art” was the inspiration.

Journey of discovery

I am looking at Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley is looking at Me / decoding photography no. 2

As an additional part of her artistic work 'I am looking at Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley is looking at Me', Mareike Foecking has produced photographic videos – as a reaction to the closure of museums – in which she talks to some of the protagonists of her photographic work and her travel diary about the pictures taken in Silicon Valley and thus decodes them.

Journey of discovery


Almost 60 years ago, Stanley Brouwn asked people passing by to draw a THIS WAY BROUWN: The path he would have to take to get to their home. In the context of the exhibition Christoph Mueller has drawn a tribute to Stanley Brouwn and in the last weeks many visitors have shown us their way.



Once a year, you should go to a place you’ve never been.

Dalai Lama